How to change energy supplier – a step by step guide

A few things to consider before you change energy supplier.

Current Tariff Contract

Check to see if you are in a fixed term contract with your current energy supplier. If you are mid way through a tariff there may be an exit fee (usually around £30) when you leave early. You can check this by contacting your current supplier or by having a look at your recent energy bill.

Warm home discount

If you currently have the warm home discount check to see which suppliers have this offer. We’re here to save people money so we don’t want people switching to a cheaper deal but then losing out on this discount and paying more overall. Many electricity suppliers offer the warm home discount so even if you do currently have it, we can probably find you a better deal and you can still get the discount on top!

Also keep in mind

You may not be able to switch if you are a tenant or are currently in debt to your supplier. If you are struggling to pay your energy bills there are steps you can take to make things easier.


Step 1 – Get some quotes!

Fortunately we can take care of this step for you. All you need to do is an energy comparison. To get the most accurate quotes for you we need to know your postcode, current energy supplier, current tariff, total usage (kWh)/yearly spend and your preferred payment method. You can find all this information on your energy bill.

Step 2 – Apply for a new energy tariff

OK so you’ve seen all the quotes and decided you want to switch, what now? If you are happy with the new supplier and tariff on offer you can switch via the comparison results page by clicking on “Apply for this tariff”. We take care of everything for you from here on including contacting the new supplier and letting the old one know you are making a change.

Step 3 – Change energy supplier – the switch over!

The new supplier will contact you with a supply start date, this is the date they will officially start billing you from. You’ll need to take a meter reading and send it when requested so the new supplier can give you accurate billing right away. The old supplier will give you a final bill for the energy you used up to the supply start date. Once this is done the switch is complete. Congrats!


We hope this information helps. If you need any more help applying for a new energy tariff please feel free to contact us.