How does an energy comparison work with

Energy companies are constantly competing with each other and offering new tariffs (*energy deals and prices) for Gas and Electricity. All of these prices are held in a database that let’s us quickly check how much it would cost you per year to buy your energy from each supplier.

There is an ever growing number of energy suppliers in the UK so for the average person it’s very hard to keep track of it all. Thankfully the database of prices is constantly updated to keep track of things for you. When you do an energy comparison via our website you can count on getting a good deal!

How the energy comparison software works out what’s going to be cheaper (the math!)

We start off the calculation with how much you’re currently paying on your energy bills. This figure comes from some quick math on the amount of energy you use times the amount you’re charged per kilowatt hour. We can also calculate this amount based on how much you spend quarterly/monthly made up to a yearly figure.

Once we know how much you’re spending a year we can then move on to how much you would be spending on Gas or Electricity with each of the other suppliers in your area. Based on the same amount of kilowatt hours (usage) over the next year. The prices we get are then compared (*see what we did there, genius writing) with the figure we had at the start (current cost). The difference is the saving made which we then use to recommend a switch or at the very least point you in the right direction of the cheapest supplier.

We will show you the cheapest deal available in your area for gas and electricity. All the suppliers will be listed from least expensive to the most expensive with each showing the difference between what you’re currently paying to what you would be if you changed supplier. From here we make an energy switch simple.

If you decide you want to switch energy supplier

You can apply to switch via the handy links on the comparison results page. Your details are securely passed to the new supplier and they then do all the work to set up the switch over including telling your current supplier.

A date will then be set for the switch. Your new supplier will ask you for a meter reading so they can give you accurate billing from then on and so you don’t get billed twice. Your old supplier will send a final bill for any energy you have used leading up to the switch date.

What do we get out of this?

Some energy suppliers pay commission for referring a new customer, this helps pay for operating the website, not all suppliers do this however the cheapest price will always be shown and we will always make sure you are pointed in the right direction to the cheapest supplier regardless of whether we receive a commission or not, that’s how we keep impartial.