Benefits of Switching Energy Supplier

There are many benefits of switching energy supplier, we thought we’d make a page to go through some of the main ones and explain why doing a comparison via can be a good idea!

Saving Money (the main reason)

For most people it all comes down to how much money will be in their pocket, quite rightly too! Nobody likes paying bills but people especially don’t like finding out they are being charged way more than someone living next door. In a lot of cases this is exactly whats happening. Millions of homes across the country could save at least £200 a year by changing energy supplier. Not exaggerating on the millions of homes, it literally is true. Here’s our source.

Moving home

Moving to a a different part of the country can dramatically increase your energy provider’s costs of supply. Going back to the same company after a move can be a big mistake. A lot of people don’t realize this but it makes sense if you think about it. Suppliers in the north of Scotland won’t be able to offer the same price as a supplier that specializes in the south of England. Even if you move 1 street away from your old house, do an energy comparison!

Bad Customer Service

Something everyone experiences at one point or another. Some people think that they are stuck with their energy supplier and customer service is more or less the same everywhere else. Check out this customer satisfaction list for energy companies by citizens advice, it might surprise you and be something to consider when switching.

Why switch via

We’re aiming to make switching energy supplier easy, specifically designing the website with this in mind. We make sure to deal with your energy suppliers (current and new) for you. We are also fanatical about helping people save money and stopping fuel poverty. As long as you are getting a better deal we don’t mind which method you use to do so.